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The annual Senior Athletic Awards luncheon is held every May during graduation festivities at the college. Not only do all senior athletes, including athletic trainers, cheerleaders, and dance team members, receive awards for their athletic accomplishments at the 'Hurst, but two athletes - a male and a female - are chosen by the athletic department to be the Senior Athlete of the Year.

The Senior Athlete of the Year award began in 1972, but only one male athlete received the award. A female athlete was added in 1978. In the history of the awards, only one year has there been co-recipients of the award, which was in 2004.

The following are the award winners and the individual's sport(s) played:

1972: Rick Fessler (basketball)
1973: J.C. Carter (basketball)
1974: Tommy Thompson (tennis)
1975: Steve Brandon (baseball)
1976: Jesse Campbell (basketball)
1977: Kevin Cook
1978: Paul Young (basketball) / Sue Fagan (softball)
1979: Phil Dubsky (tennis) / Mary Ann King (tennis & basketball)
1980: Gary Weber (soccer) / Sue Cavalancia (volleyball & basketball)
1981: Andy Findlay (tennis) / Tina Tomczak (basketball)
1982: Carla Smith Livermore (volleyball)
1983: Bruce Pancio (rowing) / Trish Mahoney (basketball)
1984: Jeff Jones (football)
1985: Jens Caap (tennis) / Bernadine Tomczak (basketball)
1986: Philip Nykyforuk (tennis) / Patricia Hautzinger (rowing)
1987: Dave Hewett (golf) / Janice Johnston (tennis)
1988: Timothy Harrington (golf) / Kathleen Ziegler (volleyball)
1989: Sean Gibbs (soccer) / April Tompkins (cross country)
1990: Matthew Triola (football) / Julie Kemling (softball & tennis)
1991: Mark Simpson (cross country) / Katherine O'Reilly (tennis)
1992: Dave Constantino (basketball) / Veronica Sansom (soccer)
1993: Glen Novak (football) / Lori Hamblin (soccer)
1994: Jason Hillegas (football) / Mia U-Rycki (soccer)
1995: Joel Pentz (soccer) / Dana Dodd (volleyball)
1996: Rahsaah Roland (basketball) / Melissa Hall (cross country)
1997: Brian Lopez (baseball) / Conie Ralston (basketball)
1998: Eric Wicks (football) / Stacie Bortz (soccer & softball)
1999: Paul Welker (baseball) / Cynthia Hykawy (lacrosse)
2000: Paul Colontino (hockey) / Theresa Roach (soccer)
2001: Nate Goodrich (baseball) / Mari DeMarco (rowing)
2002: Peter Aubry (hockey) / Meghan Frey (soccer)
2003: James Detwiler (lacrosse) / C.J. Ireland (hockey)
2004: Justin Shouse/Josh Helm (basketball) / Jenn Barba (volleyball)
2005: Ben McAvinew (wrestling) / Desi Clark (hockey)
2006: Dave Borrelli (hockey) / Samantha Shirley (hockey)
2007: Mariano Fava (tennis) / Julia Colizza (hockey)
2008: Hudson Harrison (wrestling) / Christine Somera (water polo)


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